20 Things 20 Year Olds Don’t Get


  1. Time is Not a Limitless Commodity
  2. You’re Talented, But Talent is Overrated
  3. We’re More Productive in the Morning
  4. Social Media is Not a Career
  5. Pick Up the Phone
  6. Be the First In & Last to Leave
  7. Don’t Wait To Be Told What To Do
  8. Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes
  9. You Should Be getting Your Butt Kicked
  10. A New Job a Year Isn’t a Good Thing
  11. People Matter More Than Perks
  12. Map Effort To Your Professional Gain
  13. Speak Up, Not Out
  14. You Have to Build Your Technical Chops
  15. Both the Size and Quality of Your Network Matter
  16. You Need At Least 3 Professional Mentors
  17. Pick an Idol & Act “As if”
  18. Read More Books, Fewer Tweets/Texts
  19. Spend 25% Less Than You Make
  20. Your Reputation is Priceless, Don’t Damage It

To read more about each of these steps click Here for the article.



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