About Me

img_3168So… I see that you’re interested in the person behind the posts.

My name is Lizet. I am an early 90’s baby, raised in Ventura, California but born in Jalisco, Mexico. Proud Tapatia and don’t forget, Jalisco is the birth place of Mariachi and Tequila! So I’m more than lucky to have such a beautiful culture in my background.

Now, if your interested in astrology, Cancer is my sign, so I’m a typical emotional moon-child. I completely love who I am.

I completed my Bachelors in a four year university straight out of high school and I’m currently in a post baccalaureate program.

I have worked in countless of jobs and have gained very many different skills from each one. Currently I work in an Accounting Department for a company in Santa Monica, California. Follow me on LinkedIn to learn more!

My posts will vary, from biblical to workouts to random information that I find interesting in books I’m currently reading to writing about things that happen to me in my every day life.

Thank you and Enjoy! ⚜


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